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6 months togo letsgoooooo

We know you're anxious to see this come out, so are we. Maybe you've been following us since we started this project 4 years ago. Maybe you just found out about us, either way thanks for your interest and being on team WAR. Either way, we all wish we could move the calendar ahead to get your hands on your pack. Since there is some time to go I thought I'd give a quick update on what we've been doing and what we are going to be doing.

The past couple of months have been some heavy lifting for us. We've been working really hard on getting rules, card design and art dialed and ready to go. Which means, a couple of huge steps are in the making.

1st, we're going to be getting prototypes printed of the cards to do playtesting. At first we'll keep it limited to our internal team, but we will want to get input from our future fans. If you're interested in helping on that front, great! Hit us up on social media or just shoot us an email ( and we'll keep you on a list. These prototypes will be relatively basic, but will have the art and be printed on pretty nice stock. Some of the card art is not quite finished, and while we're working on finalizing that we didn't want to shortchange the gameplay testing by waiting for all of the art (well final testing, 4 years of Kinkos trips ends now!). This will also allow us to make some gameplay videos so everyone can get a feel for gameplay before you ever see the product in person (or back it on Kickstarter).

2nd thing we sent out this week are visuals for the initial production run. Like mentioned above not quite all the artwork is complete, but we have enough of things that we wanted to find out what it will look like when we send it to the factory. We have been sending examples from other games and what they can do back to us. We're looking at some effects for the card backs that we think you will love and that is taking some back and forth to get us all on the same page. The card back we've been working in conjunction with Bryce Wong, he's a friend of WAR and a super slick designer. Check him out!

We are also trying to make sure we can include some holographic cards with this initial release. It's more costly...but what is a collectible card game without foils. What we're thinking is the actual car you're playing will be holographic, so everyone will get the 5 cars as holographic in the base pack. Here's one of those, we're playing around with no background and holo or background with holo. One of the differences between the playing production and the manufacturing production is the use of offset printing as opposed to digital printing. For playing prototypes digital printing will be fine, but we want the final product to be as premium as possible.

Get ready for November 2nd, that's the date our Kickstarter launches and the plan is to have a few thousand units available for purchase then, with the idea we will have it in hand and as soon as our campaign ends we can get those out to you (which means in time for Christmas!!!) We don't want any of you to miss out, so make sure you're prepared. We'll start sending out content to our emails before then, but if this goes the way we hope those could be absolutely mythical in rarity in the future.

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