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(Almost) Live on Kickstarter - Final Countdown

We've been a little quiet the past few weeks, but don't worry it's not because anything is wrong or things aren't moving. In fact, it's quite the opposite. As we gear up for launch day November 2nd there are a lot of little pieces that we are dialing in to be ready for the day.

Here's just a little taste of what all is going on.

Kickstarter page - Our team has been working on getting all of the pieces of Kickstarter page ready. We want to keep some of it a surprise but our video is going to be awesome and we've been coordinating with a musician we are thrilled to have involved in the project providing the music. We also are working with an awesome voice actor that is going to blow us all away. The page is a lot more work than folks might realize, there is the video, coordinating getting game previews, writing copy, etc.

Production - Our manufacturer has been producing the 1st edition version that are going on sale November 2nd on the Kickstarter. While we were hoping to have them out by holidays originally the ongoing freight crisis has made it look like that may not be possible and so we are saying February for delivery of the 3,000 first editions, and May for the remaining that we sell during the campaign. Still no where near the year or longer you often see on Kickstarter, and have confidence knowing they are already in production. We are tackling any issues on freight and production, and in a better way than Buster Keaton from The General below.

Promotion - In fact, we just received PRODUCTION COPIES of World Auto Racing 1st editions this week. Sadly the first batch we had to immediately send back out the door to all of the different people that need them. This includes our videographer/photographer, game reviewers/previewers, and a couple of other neat promotional items we will be doing as part of our Kickstarter campaign. We know that these are all going to be a lot of fun for everyone and we can't wait to be able to share more. Everyone we share this with is so excited and we've been blown away with the positive feedback. We do have some copies to keep for ourselves now as well so we will begin posting some content of that final production quality product.

News you can use - If you are familiar with Kickstarter you may know, and if not I'm telling you now. Kickstarter has a preview page where people can put in their email to get notified of a project launching. We are going to be launching that next week and notify folks via our email list to get subscribed there too. The reason for getting on that list as well is it will notify you on launch, and while we will be sending an email to our list as well we think those 1st editions are going to go fast and in case either has any delay we don't want you to miss out.

We know for some of you it's been a long wait and that wait is finally coming to an end. Tuesday November 2nd is going to be here before we know it. We'll have more to share between now and then and will have all kinds of fun during the campaign. Can't wait to have you there.

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1 Comment

Steve Height
Steve Height
Oct 28, 2021

Can't wait to get my hands on these as an automotive enthusiast Grassroots Motorsports driver and so on as well as a collectible card game player a game like this is long overdue can't wait to get my hands on the new Kickstarter content keep up the good work guys

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