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WAR family reunion

WAR's family is getting bigger by the day, and just wanted to give a little insight to our team, and give a shoutout to people that we wouldn't be here without. WAR was started by a couple of friends and we went a long way with just the two of us...but we knew if we wanted this to be as cool as our dreams for it were it couldn't stop there. In bits and pieces we have built a family over the past few years.

Here are some of the people who have helped us along the way and are in the WAR family.

Know Nonsense Games - Turns out we knew someone that knew about game design. Ariel Adamson took our patchwork of ideas and themes and turned it into a functioning and elegant game. Also, his colleague Auston Robertson helped with a bit of a lot of things. He did work on our font design, game development, card layout, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff. The final part of their team is Lance, and a thank you to him for being a sounding board and letting us bounce ideas off of him.

Mako Vice - When our other founder found Mako on Instagram his follower count was in the lower single thousands. We knew his style was going to blow up and he has done an amazing job for us doing a solo job on all the artwork. A huge thanks for closing commissions to help push through to meet our deadlines. You can sleep now Mako.

Beau Greener - Graphic Design to finalize us for production. Instagram bio is artist making crap for creeps. Think that's all that needs to be said.

Here's the card Gutters which shows off Beau's design, Mako's art (it's his favorite), and some of the fun ideas Know Nonsense helped implement and balance

Bryce Wong - Card back design. We only get one of these so I think we asked for a lot of revisions.

George Georgadis - Video production, 3d renders of product, Kickstarter page design, and just generally being a swell fella.

Check out how awesome and photorealistic he was able to make our product and capture the texture Bryce created for the logo/card back.

That's not all though. People will ask us how many people on your team, and that list above plus me (Connor) and the other founder Ocea are the most involved, but this is a ton of work. I'd be a fool to not mention a bunch of other people.

David Folkner (Optimal Analytics) for various digital stuff, notbryun for having us on his Twitch, porschepelle for letting us bounce ideas off you, P4r4cyt3 for your help upgrading the TTS and rules thoughts and suggestions, all our supporters that send us ideas and encouraging messages (there are too many of you for me to not forget individuals), and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone super important that I am just blanking on. Also thanks to our friends that let us derail our RPG night to obsess over the latest WAR development. I say this as I write this post with a friend sleeping on a couch behind me, me looking at the Pacific Ocean on what is supposed to be a friends reunion of sorts.

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Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez

This is such a beautiful post. And I'm just happy to be part of greatness.

Connor Lyons
Connor Lyons

Thank you! We’re like the power rangers bringing all our machines together

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