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Kickstarter, FYI what we're thinking

Hey everyone, it's been an exciting month for us and we wanted to share with you where things are. We just approved proofs from the factory and are queued for production! Plan is still the same, we are going to have 3,000 first edition units available on our Kickstarter launching November 2nd. After that everything else will need to be manufactured on a new run and will no longer be the 1st edition. One thing we have been working through is how exactly we want to make those 1st editions available.

Aside, here is one of our print sheet proofs from the factory!

Ok, more words now.

Kickstarter is an amazing platform, but it does have some limitations. We cannot let people select a quantity of a limited item. We can make a pledge level limited, but if people want to buy more than one, there is no way to have that extra copy removed from the available quantity of the 1st edition pledge level.

We've been trying to decide what we want to do about this. Some of you have contacted us letting us know you really want to be able to buy more than one. Whether it is because two copies is the only way to get full playing sets of all the cards (4 of one card is allowed in a deck, and there are only 2 of some cards in each pack), or they want to keep one sealed, or whatever else their reasons might be. We also don't want to let a few folks buy all of those 1st editions and leave everyone else left out.

Where we are landing is to offer a couple of 1st edition pledge levels. What we are thinking is having a pledge level with 2,000 1st editions available, with one copy, and 500 in another tier for people that want to get 2 copies. That will let those people that really want 2 copies get them, but it will be limited. Of course, if you want full playing sets you will be able to add on additional of the reprinted game, just not 1st editions (since that is unlimited we don't have the same limitation).

Another fun thing in Kickstarter is it is really common for people to offer "stretch goals", where different funding levels unlock additional rewards for backers. It's really common for the game to change with those, but we wanted to stay away from that. We worked really hard to dial this game in exactly where we want it, and don't want how much we raise to determine what the game is. Instead we are looking at all kinds of fun things, some physical items that backers will receive, digital items, some fun community things, and some that are really out there about the future development of World Auto Racing. While our stretch goals aren't going to change what this first release is we are looking forward to getting feedback from players to know what they like, don't like and what they'd like to see added.

None of those stretch goals are finalized yet, and I'll save them for another update. If you have any ideas, or have feedback on the 1st edition plan please let us know. Finding the right choice is harder than making a pit strategy on an overcast day and we get lots of advice and talk through the options but we are always open to additional insight.

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