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Final Push, getting to production

For Kickstarter we will have 3,000 units on hand, which are the first editions of World Auto Racing. That's the plan and we're on overdrive right now to make that reality. The truth of the matter is the pandemic is not over and it's creating all kinds of issues up and down the supply chain.

Our factory has longer lead times than normal and what they thought when we originally started working with them. Global shipping is a mess, with prices and lead times spiking. Thankfully we had built in enough slack to accommodate those things, but right now it means we are in a big push.

Where do things stand?

1. Gameplay - we love where we are, only things outstanding is finalizing rules to create the rulebook that goes in the box and making sure we like the setup of which cards go in which decks. This is after 4 years of development, probably 20 different rules iterations, hundreds of rejected card ideas and mechanics.

2.Final card design - what can we say we like to tinker. Our team has been having spirited debates and we've been reaching out to some of you for opinions and are just working on the final details with our graphic design team. Speaking of which, we're now working with a graphic designer, Beau Greener, that's been a friend since long before WAR was a thing. None of these are the final version, but to give you a sense of the process. Basically non stop, no. 1, 2, or 3.

3. Box design - trying to meet any legal requirements for sales in US and EU and also capturing the game's aesthetic. We've decided on a pretty small box, because it will stack nice, use less materials and will be easier for players to grab and go with the box.

4. Art - It's done but we're just doing some final revisions on artwork, just a few things as we've gotten down to final aesthetic. We want everything to look great and seem in theme, so just making sure nothing from when we started isn't fitting in that.

That's it, once we get those things nailed down we will be placing our order at the factory, a bit less than a month of back and forth approving prints and ensuring it is as close to perfect as we can get it, up to 2 months of lead time on production and then a little over a month shipping. Realistically those 3,000 units will arrive early during our Kickstarter, which should add some fun drama as we track the boat's motions. To show more complete gameplay and get it in hands of reviewers, previewers Hopefully no one goes Christopher Moltisanti on us and knocks off the boat or trucks for the sweet cards inside.

Thank you all for joining the journey. You're all amazing and we can't wait to put this in your hands!

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