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Fonts! Which one? None.

Here it is, the font that will be used in the text boxes of our game. Recognize it? You don't, unless you happen to be the person that designed it.

This is a game that involves some reading, like most games do. Our initial team weren't font snobs. Or rather we didn't think we were font snobs. It turns out we have a lot of opinions about what the text on our cards should look like. When you put as much time into a project as this you start to get some pretty specific ideas on what the font should look like.

Highway Gothic is specially designed to be very readable, and from a distance. In fact I'm sure you're familiar with it, that's the typeface used on highway signs across the United States and was developed by the United States Federal Highway Administration. I can't tell you how many times I've had to hold game components by my eyeball close because of the small type, and this seemed to solve that. Even as a small font I am able to read this from a pretty good distance.

Which was how I felt until it was pointed out to us by our graphic design team member that Highway Gothic is sans-serif. Which is when there are the little extensions at the ends of letters. Those little doodads help our eyes visualize a line. Or at least that's what we saw when we started looking at cards with several rows of text.

Fiddlesticks, this font was so perfect in both the theme and the readability. After viewing a lot of fonts with serifs we realized they were all wrong (sorry if you were the person with the perfect font and we didn't get to you). Well, there was a solution. We went and made a font, taking the characters we loved from Highway Gothic and making it Highway Gothic Serif. Now, the single line text boxes like the card name will be Highway Gothic, and the text boxes are our custom font.

We hope you like the font as much as we do. If not, no worries, I didn't notice fonts until recently. Above all we know you will love World Auto Racing.

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