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Racing is back, let's go fast

It was a long winter. We've been cooped up all winter long, keeping our friends and family safe while we patiently wait to get back out in the world. Thank you to everyone for your help in fighting this pandemic. This past weekend our patience was rewarded as we got a taste of a new season with Formula 1 being back on the track along with a taste of 2020-21 weirdness as NASCAR races on dirt.

It's funny to think that this is the last time race season will be in full swing without our hot new racing league. World Auto Racing: Collectible Card Game will be drawing the best drivers and fans from all around the world. At least the best drivers and fans to spend an afternoon with playing cards, watching the races. Before the pandemic we had been hoping to launch last year and for a lot of different reasons that changed. As I've noted before, this has been a 4 year journey for us to get here. Considering we're making a game about speed this has been hard for us to accept sometimes! Thing is, to make sure we get it right it's taken us being a little slow at times. Now it's time to go fast.

WAR wants to celebrate all the ways we like to go fast in cars. The initial release will have a taste of lots of different types of racing in both the art and gameplay mechanics. We hope that whether you like the blistering speeds and technical cornering of open wheel racing, the raw excitement of street racing (as the law permits of course), the endurance to race at 200 MPH on oval track or the focus of bumping it out on the rally course you're going to find something to like World Auto Racing. Heck, maybe you're not even a racing fan and just want a new fun game to play and collect. We're making a brand new way to go fast, with little pieces of cardboard with sweet drawings of cars on them. Who knows, maybe in the future we'll make even more ways to go fast with pretend pieces of cardboard on a screen.

In the immortal words of Rick Bobby if you're not first you're last. Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton, Joey Logano and anyone else that got to cross a checkered flag first this weekend. If you were anything else, you're last and maybe you need to join us where you don't have to wait all 1, 2, 3 weeks for your redemption.

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