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Smell this, there's something off

We're gearing up for the home stretch before you are all able to get your hands on the very first World Auto Racing cards, and they are going to smell incredible. Kickstarter launch is set for November 2nd, and the plan is to have the first 3,000 units ordered and in hand before that closes so as soon as it is over the first 3,000 folks can get the game as soon as possible after the campaign ends.

Wait a second...they smell? We grew up playing TCGs, and somewhere along the way we picked up the habit of smelling our packs when we opened them. They smell so good, like paper, and ink and the dreams of maybe having that rare holo you've been looking for.

I am dead serious. When we were reaching out to factories we asked them about smells, and I think they thought we were a little off or maybe yanking their chain. We went so far as sending a production company a pack of cards that we wanted our cards to smell like. Spending money to ship a pack of cards overseas I think made them appreciate how serious we were being. They literally brought in other people from the company to smell the pack when they opened it in the office.

When we got to sampling we were experimenting with a wide variety of papers, and the one we are going with is the one that captured that smell we were looking for. The packages would show up on our door step and we would open them up to smell them and see if it was right. We are actually going to use a stock that is more expensive to produce because we think it smells better (it's also just really great paper).

Why am I telling you this? It's just an example of the labor of love this has been over the past 4 years. It's not just about getting the gameplay right or the art right, it's about getting it all right. We have been fortunate to have the resources and time to get those little details right, and we just wanted to let you know that's how determined we are to make the best possible product for you.

In December when your first edition lands on your doorstep, do me a favor and give them a whiff. You won't regret it.

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