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WAR, what is it good for (and why you'll want to play it)

Beautiful art, exciting and unique gameplay, crafted for serious gamers and casual alike. World Auto Racing (WAR) has been in development since 2017 and we've built it from the ground up to be something special in the collectible card game world. There are amazing collectible card games out there that we will always be fans of, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, YuGiOh! among others, but they were not the perfect game for us. So we set out to make something that is that perfect game for us and we think it might be a perfect game for you too.

Beautiful art

Take a look at our art page or our social media pages and you will see an art style that isn't like any other game's. When we were first designing this game we thought about how important artwork that blew us away would be. We weren't artists so we went and found an artist to meet our vision. When we found Mako Vice, the first release's artist, this was a leap of faith for both of us. The result was eye striking visuals, a balance of grungy and a little fanciful with color pops that grab an eye from across the room.

Exciting, unique gameplay

There are so many great games out there these days, kind of makes you wonder why someone would jump into that competition. Well, we think we're onto something special. After a lifetime of playing card games that were built around killing your opponent and their creatures it seemed like we were missing collectible card games that are about making yourself sweet and less about making your opponent a dweeb. That's where building your car and race plan comes in. WAR has plenty of sabotaging your opponent, but ultimately this is about you driving fast. If your car isn't moving, you ain't winning.

We also thought about how often games go awry because the power source in the game wasn't what you were drawing (or all you were drawing). Our game has removed that frustration by eliminating a power source from the costs of playing and using cards. In WAR it is more limited by how many cards you can play. One of the best parts of WAR is numerous cards shared between players. This adds to the exhilaration of knowing what's coming or not and strategies for each player. We're looking forward to sharing gameplay videos in the future.

Made for serious and casual gamers

At any given time I may own 1,000 or 500,000 collectible trading cards (that picture above is the sale of a bunch of cards taking me from 500,000 to 10,000). Collecting is one of the most fun parts to me, and playing at times is secondary. On the other hand, the head of our game development has a not insignificant portion of his net worth tied up in the cards that he needs to play technical and specific decks that are very high cost. My preferred playing format is drafts, or even better taking a couple hundred card handful and assembling the best deck to play for a game night. He plays at the high level that requires practice, memory and carefully prepared decks. When we develop the game mechanics of specific cards we get in passionate arguments about what is more fun and we're bringing both those perspectives to that discussion. Typically we don't even have to compromise, there is almost always another door that is more fun and clear to the player.

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