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Blog #1 Making dreams, the origins of World Auto Racing

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

A new year meant a new resolution in 2017. I set out to find a hobby I enjoyed that paid minimum wage.

The first attempt was to find, buy and resell Magic and Pokémon cards. What I discovered was that I could make more than 0 dollars but it definitely wasn't minimum wage. It did rekindle a love of collectible card games which lead to purchasing a box of Modern Masters 2017. Ocea (the WAR cofounder) and I succeeded at flipping a box into another one, and failed the second time. Not losing a lot, but after getting every fetchland in the first box we only got one in the second.

We got signed up to play in the prerelease Amonkhet. When I made the hour drive I was thinking about how cool a card game about cars would be. What if the things I loved about MTG, Pokémon, etc. met the things I loved about Gran Turismo and racing games. When I showed up at Ocea's he was all excited because he had just had this idea about a game that took inspiration from what we love about MTG, Pokémon, Gran Turismo, motorsport, and so many more influences and combined them. It was kind of spooky how similar we had thought of this.

We went to the store, got walloped by real players and one weekend later were in my house drafting up the very first playing concepts and cards to WAR. Now we had a way we were spending our time, and money on. Thankfully we found some different hobbies that would pay minimum wage and help finance and inspire our creation in WAR. Thanks to reddit/r/flipping we were buying and selling books for profit within months and making money to go into our new dream, World Auto Racing: Collectible Card Game.

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